New Release! Taking on the Australian Settler-State


Taking on the Australian Settler-State

I just released my latest conference paper for The Australian Sociological Association, Taking on the Australian Settler-State: Sociology for Social Justice and a Critical Indigenous Research Paradigm for your perusal/spare time reading on paradigms and methodological considerations, via!


The positioning of sociology as a critical response to the continued unfolding of colonisation in Australia could not be more vital. The current climate of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander politics demands that we take on the modern Settler-State and enduring structures of marginalisation with Indigenous peoples. This paper seeks to provide the reader with some theoretical foundations of a sociology for social justice. Using structures of the Australian Settler-State as the focus of the critique, this paper outlines a paradigm of a critical Indigenous research methodology to challenge state practice. It calls for continued assessment within the contemporary political arena of the Abbott Coalition Government. Such a research paradigm seeks to: critique structures by talking back to power; foster hope for alternate futures by highlighting the possibilities for change through community agency; and aims for research outcomes which provide practical value for Indigenous peoples and their communities in the self-determination movement. Sociologists have the unique research tools, the passion for social justice, and the prime position to speak back to power in a continued effort to change the world for the better.

Key Words: Indigenous, Activism, Settler-State, Social Justice, Positionality, Methodology.

If you don’t use and would like to read a piece born of existential crises, chock-a-block full of manifesto-y writing, and drafted by the best-of-the-best-of-the-best, sir, email me at – happy to share and get a conversation going 🙂

Hope you find something useful within for your work!




Page, A. (2014). Taking on the Australian Settler-State: Sociology for Social Justice and a Critical Indigenous Research Paradigm. Proceedings of The Australian Sociological Association Conference, November, 2014, University of South Australia: Adelaide.

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